The first cryptocurrency trading platform with social network features and profit sharing.

Current Stage - Stage 4

Token Price: $0.80
Tokens Sold: 0
Stage Cap: 320 000

Token Sale Total

Tokens Sold: 30 042
Tokens Available: 1 240 000


Stage 4 of 5

0 / 320 000
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NewChain is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform combined with social network. Follow other traders or grow your own follower base! Are you new to crypto trading and afraid of making mistakes? On NewChain you can make automatic trades based on other traders you follow and give them a small share of your profits in return. Or if you are a successful trader yourself, why not share your own trading strategy with others and get a percentage of their profits based on your orders.

When you follow someone, all orders from that trader will be made automatically for you based on your preferences - budget, exclusion of specific coins, daily limits and more. This fully automated system means that traders will be able to keep their orders private until executed (thus preventing pump and dump schemes) and it will make trading less stressful for their followers. Furthermore, traders will automatically receive a share of the profit made by their followers immediately without having to wait.



In order to keep things simple, the share profit that a trader would make will be converted and payed out in a single currency, the NewChain Token or NCT. This is so that a trader who makes profit from trades in many different coins would get payed the total sum in a single currency instead of marginal amounts of all the coins he traded. Thus NCT will act like an internal currency - all the fees and profit shares will be done using the NCT.

The initial supply during the token sale will be 1 240 000 NCT - unsold tokens will be kept in a reserve. Token Sale starts on August 1st and ends on 5th of September.

Token Sale

Tokens will be issued in five Stages, starting at $0.20 per token and the supply capped at 40 000 NCT. Token sale automatically moves to the next Stage once the cap is reached or after one week has passed since the start of that Stage (whichever comes first.) Each Stage the price of one token is increased by $0.20 and the supply cap is doubled. The token sale ends with the maximum total supply of 1 240 000 NCT and the price of $1 per token.

Stage Price Token supply From holders (%) Newly issued (%)
Stage 1 $0.20 40 000 NCT 100%
Stage 2 $0.40 80 000 NCT 5% 95%
Stage 3 $0.60 160 000 NCT 10% 90%
Stage 4 $0.80 320 000 NCT 15% 85%
Stage 5 $1.00 640 000 NCT 20% 80%
Total 1 240 000 NCT 50% 100%
Token issuance & Token Re-Sale

During the first four Stages investors can opt-in for so called Token Re-Sale, offering a share of their tokens to be sold at a higher price during following Stages of the sale. So early investors from Stage I will be able to re-sell maximum of 50% of their token holdings during the course of the token sale.

Tokens during Stages 2-5 will thus be sold via two methods. (1) By issuing new tokens from the total supply; (2) By current holders re-selling a share of their tokens to new investors in later Stages of the sale.

The maximum share of tokens available for re-sale will be determined by the current Stage of the sale. (See table above) Re-sold tokens from early investors are not generating new tokens and will not count towards the amount of tokens sold during each Stage.

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Andrew Young
Andrew Young


Long time stock trader, founder and CEO of the NewChain Platform.

Richard Jones
Richard Jones

Market Analyst

Expert market and financial analyst with over five years of experience in the field.

Emily Browns
Emily Browns

Network & Security

Network security expert, previously employed at CISCO for several years.

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams

Sales & Marketing

Specializes at marketing strategies, sales and advertising.


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